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Corporate legal services that revolve around you


Clear, proactive, less formal 
legal expertise for businesses. 

We guide our clients with proactive, high-quality advice while ensuring you have the best possible experience throughout the process. We build strong relationships, understanding your needs and dispensing with unnecessary formality to make sure you feel supported.  


We are an innovative firm standing out in an industry steeped in tradition and legacy. We focus on efficient ways of working and using refreshingly clear, concise communications. 

Our goal is to be a team that you enjoy working with. One that you trust to get the best outcome for you on every project; part of a core team of long-term advisors within your orbit.

What we do

We get to know our clients and form authentic, long-lasting partnerships with flexible plans that go beyond problem solving to offer strategic advice.


We get to know you, enabling us to provide the high-quality advice that delivers true long-term value. 


Our strength is in our people: Orbit Legal is a team of friends, collaborative and ego free. One of our core values is a team mindset; supporting, appreciating and celebrating the success of the people we work with. This applies to our own team as much as our clients. 


We’re not bound by tradition, we talk solutions not problems, and we achieve great results that we’re all proud of.

Diagram parterships team mindset solutions

"It was a very good experience working with Orbit Legal, the whole process has been explained well and was easy to understand. All through the process Chris has supported us"

Neil Cockings

PNE Controls Ltd


What differentiates us

We are technology driven diagram


We are highly experienced diagram


We are entrepreneurial creative advisors diagram


We are agile enough to identify and implement opportunities for efficiency. We aren’t bound by years of legacy systems and processes; we embrace new technology and ways of working to improve what we do.

This means that our team can spend time doing what they do best.

Our team of solicitors all have substantial experience gained from years practising in top 50 law firms; the personal experience needed to give you exceptional technical expertise. 

Every member of the team has an ability to think strategically, to be flexible, to listen, to analyse, and to innovate.


We are creative thinkers with an entrepreneurial edge. Our blend of experience, enthusiasm and diligence is how we provide you with great solutions. 

Our Values

Our core values run through everything we do and drive every decision we make, both internally and with our clients.

  • Optimistic:
    We are proactive thinkers and focus on finding solutions, not problems. We identify opportunities and take initiative to get things done.

  • Respectful:
    We work in a collaborative environment and treat everyone fairly. We appreciate and celebrate everyone we work with - our team, other businesses, and our clients.

  • Bold:
    We are not bound by tradition and embrace technology to find the most efficient ways of working. If there’s a better way of doing something let’s find it. 

  • Informal:
    We avoid unnecessary formalities, our communications are personal and effective. We make it easy for you to talk with us. 

  • Thorough:
    We always hold ourselves to the highest standards. We never settle for good enough and create exceptional work that we are proud of. 


Fancy a chat?

Why not drop us an email or call us on 0115 6777095 and we can get the conversation started about how we can help you.

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